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Calibration of instrumentation

The Ionising Radiations Regulations 2017 places a requirement on employers to properly maintain, adequately test and examine monitoring instruments at appropriate intervals. The Approved Code of Practice states that monitoring equipment should normally be tested and thoroughly examined at least once every year. This is normally achieved by the calibration of instruments against the types of radiations which they are expected to detect. All instruments should also be individually calibrated before first use.

The National Physical Laboratory has produced good practice guides (GPG) which should be followed by any company performing the calibration of instruments:

  1. GPG14 - The examination, testing and calibration of portable radiation protection instruments
  2. GPG29 - The examination, testing and calibration of installed radiation protection instruments
  3. GPG 82 The examination and testing of equipment for monitoring airborne radioactive particulate in the workplace
  4. GPG 113 The examination and testing of electronic personal dosemeters
  5. GPG 114 The examination, testing and calibration of tritium-in-air monitors for radiation protection

It is very important that suitable calibrations and tests are performed on instruments to ensure that they are operating correctly.

The Ionising Radiations Regulations 2017 states that the regular calibration of equipment provided for monitoring levels of ionising radiation and the regular checking that such equipment is serviceable and correctly used is a matter which a radiation protection adviser (RPA) must be consulted on by a radiation employer. If you need some RPA support to help advise your organisation or company on this matter then please contact us for assistance.

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