RP Alba Ltd,
Seaview Office,
Melvich, Sutherland,
KW14 7YL

Phone: +44(0) 1641 406880

E-mail: info@rp-alba.com

Brochure of RP Alba Ltd Services


We are a service oriented company and the importance of "going the extra mile" to meet our clients' needs cannot be overestimated. The growth that RP Alba Ltd has experienced could not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of the RP Alba Ltd staff.

Capable, highly motivated employees who are working together toward clearly defined objectives are our goal. RP Alba Ltd supplements its staff by hiring independent contractors when required to ensure that clients' needs are met in a safe and compliant manner.

If you are interested in becoming an employee of RP Alba Ltd, please send your curriculum vitae to info@rp-alba.com.

All those interested in becoming a RP Alba Ltd Associate, please send your curriculum vitae to rkerr@rp-alba.com.

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