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Radiological Discharge Impact Assessments

Facilities that perform work with naturally occurring or anthropogenic radioactive materials may require to make liquid or gaseous discharges to the environment. Discharges will require to be authorised by the relevant environment agency under the radioactive substances legislation for your location in either England, Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales.

As part of the authorisation process it is important to fully understand the impact that any radiological discharges to the environment may have. The UK Environment Agencies have specific principles that must be adhered to for the assessment of prospective public doses arising from authorised discharges of radioactive waste to the environment – a copy of their principles can be downloaded here.

RP Alba Ltd has trained users of the PHE’s PC-CREAM ® Radiological Impact Assessment Software which allows modelling of routine releases of radionuclides into the environment and the assessment of their impacts.

The radiological impact assessments made by PC-CREAM ® incorporates various models for aquatic and terrestrial environments. These include the following models:

These Models which utilise a comprehensive range of datasets.

The results of these models are combined with actual discharge rates, site specific data, habit data and dose coefficients to calculate effective doses for various exposure pathways. Individual or collective doses to various individuals or groups can be assessed for a wide range of continuous discharge periods.

Using PC-CREAM ®, RP Alba Ltd can perform radiological impact assessments of routine and continuous discharges of radionuclides to the environment. This service is particularly useful for performing prospective assessments as input to discharge authorisations and waste management decisions.

RP Alba Ltd is able to assist you with assessing the impact of your radiological discharges. Please contact us today to discuss your needs.

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