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Training courses – Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS)

A Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS) performs one of the most important roles for any organisation that works with ionising radiations. The RPS helps to ensure that the organisation remains compliant with the arrangements made under the Ionising Radiations Regulations 1999 (IRR99) and most importantly supervises that the local rules and local working instructions are adhered to. They act as the goal keeper and the eyes/ears of the radiation employer.

For an individual to be suitable to act as a Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS) they need to have undergone appropriate training and gained sufficient experience to supervise the radiation employer’s arrangements for working with ionising radiations. For RPSs to be effective they need to know enough about basic radiation protection, the requirements of the Ionising Radiations Regulations 1999 and the employer’s local rules. This fundamental knowledge makes it feasible for RPSs to safely supervise work and ensure that precautions that will restrict radiation exposure are applied.

The length of the training course for RPSs, including refresher training, depends upon their individual experience and the complexity of the work being undertaken. RP Alba Ltd provides tailored RPS courses suited to your business needs. We not only tailor the course to the complexity of work being undertaken but also through discussion with yourself tailor the course around the existing knowledge base of your delegate(s). Realistic training scenarios, applicable to your sector, are used to aid delegates’ learning and enhance the application of their newly found knowledge.

Employers must satisfy themselves that the people that they appoint as RPSs have attained a minimum level of competence. The Health and Safety Executive Information Sheet on Radiation Protection Supervisors provides further information for employers on what the minimum level of competence is for RPSs and what training modules should cover.

RP Alba Ltd’s RPS training courses cover the core of competence required for RPSs and the application of the Ionising Radiations Regulations 1999 in your working environment.

All of our courses are provided by a certificated Radiation Protection Adviser (RPA) and can be delivered at your premises or another suitable venue on mutually convenient date(s). The course duration, and cost, varies dependent on the base knowledge of the delegate(s) and we will work with you to ensure that suitable training is delivered for your organisation’s needs.

All courses are examined. Upon successful completion of the course, all delegates will be provided with a training certificate.

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